Branding Opportunities by The Venetian Expo

Create an immersive brand experience

Branding Opportunities by The Venetian Expo

  • High-Impact

    Design an experience that spans the entire property.

  • Flexible

    Assemble sponsorship packages that suit your needs.

  • Targeted

    Use dynamic digital signage to reach your audience with precision.

A Powerful Visual Toolkit

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We have the resources to create unparalleled, immersive branding programs for large events. Using a rich variety of physical and digital opportunities -- from outdoor marquees to in-suite TV to Restaurant Row and meeting space signage -- we enable attendees and visitors to connect with your brand throughout their entire on-resort experience.

Our countless signage opportunities allow event planners to create custom asset packages for resale to exhibitors and other partners.

Digital Targeting

Brands can attract extra attention with eye-catching digital signage. All of our digital screens are located in high-traffic areas of the resort, and the dynamic nature of digital displays -- the ability to rotate or refresh messages -- helps to maintain their effectiveness over time.

Content can be targeted by time of day or location, and can be easily updated on the fly. Digital monitors can also be connected to the internet for real-time streaming of news or social media posts.

Digital is green: No trees are cut down, no water or ink used, and no waste is generated.

The Details