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    Exhibiting at The Venetian Resort

The Venetian Resort empowers exhibitors with a complete suite of 360-degree services and a dedicated team of event experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, but we're happy to provide a variety of exclusive services tailored to meet your needs. Our offerings include catering, cleaning, rigging, lighting, Internet/telecom assistance, as well as electrical and plumbing services

Vacuuming and damp mopping are typically not automatically included in booth rental but may be ordered online. The Venetian Expo is the exclusive provider of all custodial services, including vacuuming and show floor cleaning. Order your show cleaning services here

No, but we offer several packages that include daily porter service, wipe down, bussing, and carpet sweeping throughout show hours. These packages also include wastebasket rental. Conveniently order your show cleaning services here

Electrical service is not included in equipment pricing and must be ordered separately.

The Venetian Expo is the exclusive provider of: 

  • Electrical wiring under carpet or flooring
  • Overhead lighting (including coaxial cable and fiber optics, and the distribution of same from product to booth and from booth to booth)
  • All motor and equipment hookups requiring electricity
  • Installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures
  • Installation of electrical motors and apparatus to be energized
  • Motorized hoists, truss, and lighting installation
  • Installation/removal of all overhead electrical signs, trusses, motors, or apparatuses- Installation/removal of free-standing electrical signs that require assembly, rotating electrical signs, sequencing electrical signs and related applications, and the operation of such equipment

Power is turned on 30 minutes prior to show opening and is turned off 30 minutes after show closing.

For conservation reasons, we do not automatically provide 24-hour power; dedicated 24-hour power is available at an additional charge. Please be sure to indicate this request when placing your order.

Add up the total wattage for your booth (e.g., 10 x 75-watt bulb = 750 watts), which requires a 1,000-watt outlet.

Yes, we do. Simply visit our online ordering page to view and purchase daily offerings such as premade salads, sandwiches, hot entrees, snacks, and hot and cold drinks. Once your order has been processed, we’ll deliver it right to your booth.

Exhibitors may distribute samples of food and/or beverages only upon written authorization by The Venetian Expo. The Request to Distribute Samples form may be downloaded and submitted on the online ordering page.

Halls A, B, C, and D are contiguous and can be combined for a total of 655,600 square feet.

If you have three or fewer devices, order 3Mbps. If you have four to ten devices, order 10Mbps or 20Mbps. If you have more than ten devices, order 30Mbps or more in 10Mbps intervals (up to 100Mbps). Normal Internet browsing and email require no additional bandwidth. For video streaming, special business applications, large file downloads/uploads, online ordering/inventory, or any other high bandwidth usage, order an additional 10Mbps.

If all of your devices will be hardwired, you need to order an additional IP address for each device as well as a switch/hub and network cabling to connect the devices to your main uplink. If you will be using wireless devices, you need to provide your own wireless router or access point, as The Venetian Expo does not sell or rent wireless routers.

Our resort offers the most advanced meeting and convention technology in the industry. We recently invested millions to build out state-of-the-art network infrastructure and are now one of the largest, most robust 802.11ac meeting and convention centers in the world. Meeting hosts and attendees can rest assured that they’ll have continuous, reliable high-speed internet and Wi-Fi coverage across the entire resort.

A CAD or VW drawing and service location plan must be provided with your rigging order. In addition, the exhibitor or a representative must be present in the booth at the time of service delivery. Please note that our rigging professionals will not open any crates, cases, or boxes that are not clearly marked “signage.”

Island and peninsula booths 400 square feet or larger in Halls A-D may have hanging signs and banners up to 25’ in height (measuring from the floor to the top of the sign). Linear and perimeter booths of any size may not have signs hung above their booths. Hanging signs are not permitted in Hall G.

No. The Venetian Convention and Expo Center is the exclusive provider for all food and beverage intended for consumption within The Venetian Convention and Expo Center.

Start time may only be guaranteed in cases where electrical labor begins at 8:00 a.m. and for move-in only; this requires at least 48 hours notice. Guaranteed start time is not available during show days.

- In Halls A, B, C, and D, the floor load limits are 250 lbs. per square foot, which is a static weight. There is no limit in Hall G. 

- In The Venetian Ballroom, The Palazzo Ballroom, and on Levels 2, 3, and 4, floor load limits are 150 lbs. per square foot, static weight

- On The Venetian and The Palazzo pool decks, floor load limits are 100 lbs., static weight

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