Venetian Rewards Benefits

Your guide to the most rewarding program on the strip

Venetian Rewards is the way to make your stay at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas shine. Earn Tier and Rewards Points on everything from gaming and dining to entertainment and spa experiences. When it comes to perks, think things like suite upgrades and complimentary stays. It's our way of showing that our guests are as valuable to us as the rare gemstones the program's tiers are named after. From Jade, then Sapphire, to Ruby, then Diamond, each tier is even more valuable than the one before. We're proud to say that Venetian Rewards is the most rewarding program on The Strip.

The Key Facets of Venetian Rewards

increased clarity

Increased Clarity

Clarity is one of the most coveted qualities of a gemstone. To increase our own clarity, we’ve made our slot earnings calculation method simpler and more transparent.

even more valuable

Even More Valuable

Collect even more tangible benefits, from golf outings to additional complimentary suite nights, with every new tier. With newly introduced slot point multipliers, you’ll earn Rewards Points faster to do the things you love most.

increased clarity

Resortwide Rewards

The allure now extends beyond the casino floor alone. Venetian Rewards has expanded into the realm of resort spending. From dining to entertainment experiences, every indulgence now earns you not just tier points but rewards points as well. With this, Venetian Rewards is now the most rewarding spend program on the Strip.

Ultimate Slot Status

Ultimate Slot Status

Finally, Venetian Rewards maintains our sparkling reputation as the most rewarding slot rewards program on the Strip.

Points & Earning

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The Benefits

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