• Dark lit expo hall with large butterfly cutouts hanging from the ceiling and people mingling.

    Expo Hall B

The 189,000-square-foot Expo Hall B can combine with Expo Halls A and C and features high ceilings, a freight door fitting multiple trucks, drop-down utilities, and two full kitchens. It connects by airwall to Halls A and C and escalators to Hall G.

At A Glance


Square Footage


Expo Hall B may be combined with up to four other Expo Halls

Total space: 367,000 square feet to 1.035 million square feet


May be combined with Hall A, Hall C, and/or Hall G

If combined with C, may also be combined with Hall D


  • Venue Type: Exhibition Hall
  • Location: The Venetian Expo Level 2
  • Square Footage: 178,000
  • Ceiling Height: 32' 5"
  • Columns: 32 columns - 24" square spaced 60' x 90' apart
  • Lighting: Metal halide, overhead, programmable LED
  • Power: Dropped from ceiling
  • Floor Load Limits: 250 lbs per sq. ft.
  • Load-In Door: 50' x 20'
  • Kitchen: Full kitchen

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