SALA 118

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SALA 118

Specialty Cocktails | Champagne, Wine, Beer | Nightlife

Discover a European-style bar that embraces the spirit of discovery at any time of day. Sala 118 offers a bespoke menu inspired by Italian cocktail culture. Take a journey with your senses as the architecture, drinks, and hospitality transport you to the streets of Venice. Find this inviting bar across from the Grand Colonnade in the lobby of The Venetian tower.

Find Your Aperitivo Moment

Need a place to unwind? Sala 118 is your destination. The timeless tradition of aperitivo hour is embedded in the venue’s DNA. Aperitivo comes from the verb aprire, which means “to open,” and is the Italian way to stimulate your appetite and conversation. An aperitif is more than a drink, it’s a ritual. At Sala 118, you will wind down from the hustle of the day to wind back up for the bustle of the evening.

Curated Italian Cocktails

It all begins with the menu. Find a variety of Aperitivo, Negroni, and Moderno categories to please your palate. The bartenders know the ins and outs of every cocktail’s heritage and enjoy sharing with curious guests. With their knowledge and your preferences, they can suggest a drink that’ll satisfy your thirst. Need something light and refreshing? Try the Ruby with Campari, lime, and grapefruit bitters. Fans of Old Fashioneds will swoon for The Old Country. The bartenders take whiskey, vermouth, amaro, and Agricola to create an unmissable cocktail.

If you enjoy dry, bittersweet flavors, then the Classic Negroni should be at the top of your list. But what sets this Negroni apart from the rest? Sala 118 makes their own in-house bitters and vermouth. The secret blend is poured from a whimsical Lion fountain at the bar and combined with gin. The experience is truly unmatched. Are you a wine or beer connoisseur? There are plenty of domestic and imported choices for discerning tastes.

Relish La Dolce Vita

Inspired by the 118 islands that make up Venice, Italy, the design of the space is full of beautiful details. Arches and vaulted ceilings hearken back to historic cathedrals. Rich, warm colors and fabrics create a welcoming setting in the lounge. Banquettes and comfortable seating invite you to sip and enjoy yourself at a leisurely pace. Whether you’re looking to meet fascinating people or craving a well-deserved break, Sala 118 is your answer.


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