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Whisky vs. Whiskey, Now that’s a spirited debate.

Do you drink Whiskey? Or do you drink Whisky? Before we explore the unique barley, corn, rye, and wheat varieties, let's find out the difference. When Whiskey is spelled with an "E" these whiskeys are in the United States and Ireland. When it is spelled whisky without an "E" these whiskies are typically in Scotland and Canada. So, however you Whiskey or Whisky, we have curated a list of excellent choices at The Venetian Resort for every barley, corn, rye, or wheat lover.

01 Mott 32

Our first stop is at Mott 32. Enjoy whisky from America, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Taiwan, or Scotland. With over 100+ selections, there is something new or an old favorite for every whisky lover. Are you more of a cocktail whisky drinker? Our recommendation on the cocktail menu is the Hanami. Created with 6-year rye, gin Umeshu, Yuzu, Shiso, ginger beer, and chrysanthemum. This cocktail is sure to make any whisky-lover smile. Wondering what to pair with such a unique cocktail? There are wonderful Asian-inspired dishes at Mott 32 to choose from.

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02 Bouchon

Making our way through The Venetian, you will want to stop at Bouchon. Keep it neat with over 20 whiskies. With options from American whiskey to Global whisky. Call us old-fashioned, but sometimes a whiskey cocktail is all you need. Our recommendation is the Classic Manhattan. This smooth option is created with 6-year Russell Reserve, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura, and served up. Pair this delicious cocktail with Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner at Bouchon.

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03 Yardbird

When it comes to southern home cooking, there is nothing better to pair with your comfort food than a few top-shelf whiskey drinks. At Yardbird there is no shortage of options for every whiskey newbie or connoisseur. Our recommendations at this spot start with the Yardbird Old-Fashioned. Created with bacon-infused bourbon whiskey, maple syrup, angostura and orange bitters, and a splash of water. You heard us right, we said bacon. Want to try a few different whiskey's to find your favorite? Opt for the whiskey flight. With a selection of distilleries that are some of our team's favorites, you have the option of a 1 ounce pour of some excellent choices. Pair your favorite whiskey with the Nashville hot Yardbird sandwich.

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04 CUT

You might be thinking, what do you have to pair with a juicy decadent steak? We’ve got you covered. At CUT, we have your perfect whiskey selection to go with that 40oz bone in tomahawk or the double cut Colorado lamb chops. Grab a beverage menu and find the Barrel aged cocktails. You will want to linger over the Barrel aged Purgatory. Created with rye whiskey, green chartreuse, and herbal liqueur.

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05 Buddy V’s

We are more than halfway through our whiskey vs. whisky tour, have you found your favorite yet? Well, we still have some excellent selections still to come. Take a tour through Italy at Buddy V's Ristorante. With New Jersey-style Italian food comes New Jersey-inspired cocktails. We recommend ordering the Basilico. This cocktail is created with bourbon whiskey, honey bourbon whiskey, orange, basil, and ginger ale.

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06 LAVO Italian Restaurant

We are about to take your whiskey desires up a notch. Step into LAVO for brunch, lunch, dinner, or some late-night vibes. Whiskey lovers prepare for a cocktail that more than rocks. Order up the Fumo Grasso. This specialty cocktail will blow you away. Made with American Sherry Cask Whiskey, apple butter wash allspice, cinnamon, smoked applewood, and duck fat. Yes, you heard that right. An extra layer of decadence that enhances your whiskey experience to another level. Pair this decadent whiskey cocktail with the famous one-pound meatball or save room for the 20-layer peanut butter chocolate cake.

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Our final stop on our Whiskey vs. Whisky tour is at SUSHISAMBA, where you will find the best of Japanese whisky. Japanese whisky is the pillar of SUSHISAMBA. Our Japanese whisky list is a curated selection for both an experienced and novice audience. This selection is largely attributed to the three founding fathers of Japanese whisky. In addition to the new generation of whisky distilleries. Enjoy Japanese whisky based on your taste or enjoy the whisky flight experience. With 1 oz pours of the best curated Japanese whisky there is.

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