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Top 5 Must-Have Foodie Experiences in Las Vegas

If you feel a vacation is only as good as the number of amazing meals you’ve consumed, you’re in the right city. Las Vegas has endless food options to try -- but before you get lost scrolling through a sea of endless restaurant reviews – we took care of the hard work for you. Here’s a can’t-miss list of quick bites, drinks, entrees, and more, that showcase the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

01 Foodie Spa Day

Many fruits, vegetables, and herbs are used to treat skin ailments in spa services. Not only can you eat your way to a healthier you, but you can use these foods on your skin in the form of facials, masks, body scrubs, and massages. Canyon Ranch is one of the best spas in Las Vegas and they always have spa services they rotate for the freshest ingredients to use in the seasonal treatments they offer. Given the time of year you can treat yourself with a Cherry Enzyme Facial or a Pear & Apple Soufflé Massage. Make sure to check out their seasonal services for the latest on their menu.

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02 Brunch All Day

If you’re feeling like it’s a brunch kind of day (when isn’t it?), then head over to SUGARCANE for their globally-inspired menu. Start with their Fat Boy Hash, it has sunny side up eggs, bacon jam, a potato hash brown, and truffle hollandaise. Known for having some of the best brunch in Vegas, their delicious bottomless mimosas are a must, or for a healthier alternative pair it with one of their freshly-squeezed juice blends. Their Restaurant Row location near the convention area leads to the restaurant being busier, but as long as you arrive before noon, you shouldn’t have to wait more than a few minutes to be seated.

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03 Nutrition Tips

Maybe you’ve been wondering if what you eat on a daily basis is providing you with all the nutrients you need. You’re in luck because at Canyon Ranch they have a registered dietician on staff that can provide a Lifetime Nutrition Consultation. They will assess your lifestyle and provide you with not only what to eat in Las Vegas, but best practices that you can take home with you. They’ll discuss things to keep in mind when traveling, maximizing your metabolism, multivitamins for multitasking lifestyles, healthy quick-fix options, as well as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free needs. If you’ve been wanting make a change or just get some advice, this is a great opportunity to learn about fueling your body with what it needs so you can perform at your best.

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04 Artisanal Ice

Yardbird has some phenomenal specialty cocktails they’ve developed along with their hand-crafted ice. Realizing that the ice could be utilized for more than taking the edge off and smoothing out a drink, they created a variety of flavored and garnish ice cubes to add to select spirits to enhance the overall cocktail experience. That’s why we have to highlight The Porkchop. It’s an unbelievable mix of Duke bourbon, house-made Yardbird Dijon syrup, yuzu juice & apple cider, paired with a Dijon thyme ice cube. It’s a Las Vegas experience that has to be tasted to be appreciated.

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05 Sweet Delight

The best way to end the day is by indulging in dessert. From gelato, cakes, tarts, chocolate—there’s so many wonderful sweets to choose from and every restaurant has their own approach to the perfect last course. You can find some of the best dessert in Las Vegas everywhere you turn, but for Latin-inspired sweets that are a must-try, head to CHICA. As the first female Latina chef on the Strip, Lorena Garcia has outdone herself on designing delicious desserts. The award-winning Lemon Ricotta Donuts are served with wild berry compote and white chocolate dulce de leche. If you’re feeling chocolate, try the Venezuelan classic, Marquesa De Chocolate, made with rich chocolate mousse, espresso soaked graham crackers, and served with crema ice cream. There’s no rush, take your time and savor the layers of flavor in each bite.

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