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Scotchy, scotch, scotch – We Love Scotch

For any Scotch drinker, you know the simple rule of Scotch. But if you are unfamiliar, we are here to help. All Scotch can be Whiskey, but not all Whiskey can be Scotch. Scotch is made in Scotland, that is how it gets its name. Now that you have that information, let's get you some Scotch. We have curated a list of our favorite Scotch around The Venetian Resort.

01 Mott 32

Embracing flavors from all over the world is something Mott 32 is no stranger to. When it comes to Scotch, their extensive cocktail menu shines. With over 50 different types of Scotch Whisky, there is a favorite for everyone. Our cocktail recommendation for Scotch lovers out there is the Secrets of Xi’an. This cocktail is created with Johnnie Walker Black Label and Hong Kong Baijiu Green Apple, Miso honey and cucumber. Don't forget to pair this perfect cocktail with dessert.

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02 LAVO Italian Restaurant

Have you had enough Scotch yet? If your answer is no, then keep reading. Our next stop is at LAVO. This ultra-chic venue has some of the best aged Scotches you could ask for. Varieties ranging from 10 year to 18-year Scotches are perfect on the rocks, neat, or in your favorite cocktail. Looking for something aged a little longer? LAVO has you covered. Enjoy 21-year Scotch and more. The perfect pairing to your aged Scotch is the 20-layer peanut butter chocolate cake.

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03 Delmonico

Delmonico is a classic steakhouse with a Creole twist. This is reflected in their cocktail menu as well. Their handcrafted cocktails round out the perfect lunch or dinner. Enjoy specialties like dry-aged, bone-in rib steak or a double cut pork chop with your favorite Scotch. Or try our recommendation for the Scotch cocktail, A Scottish Dichotomy. This favorite is created with single malt Scotch Whisky, pear liqueur, cardamom bitters, and topped with soda.

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