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The Cheesier the Better

When it comes to mac and cheese, it comes in many shapes, sizes, tastes, smells, and more. Whether you are a mac and cheese connoisseur or just a lover of mac and cheese, then you are in the right place. We have curated the cheesiest list of mac and cheese options throughout The Venetian Resort. And don't worry, we won't skimp on the cheese puns. So don't feel bleu and cheese the day.

02 Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Sweet dreams are made of cheese. At Yardbird Southern Table & Bar we have a few cheesy recommendations. During lunch or dinner, we suggest ordering the lobster mac and cheese. Yes, we said LOBSTER. This cheesy dish is made with five artisanal cheeses. Now that dish is looking sharp. If you are looking for a mac and cheese that is not so extravagant but still packs a cheesy punch, stop by for brunch. On the Odd's & End's menu order up the vegan-friendly mac and cheese. This dish is made with five artisanal cheese sauces and topped with a crispy herb crust. For more Vegan options, visit our dining guide’s page.

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03 CUT

Relax and take it cheesy. Sometimes mac and cheese is more enjoyable as a side dish to accompany a juicy steak. You cheddar believe it, we have exactly what you are looking for. At CUT by Wolfgang Puck, on the side dish menu you can order up the mac and cheese. Made with cavatappi, otherwise known as corkscrew pasta, and smothered in cheddar. What can we say? The cheddar the better. For more steakhouse options, check out our steakhouse page.

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04 Buddy V’s Ristorante

Our next stop on the mac and cheese tour is at Buddy V's Ristorante. This might sound cheesy, but we think these two mac and cheese options are grate. Guests will be thrilled to find there are two extra cheesy options to choose from. The Boss' lobster mac and cheese is a cheese and seafood lover’s dream. While something truly unique is the macaroni and cheese carbonara. Yum. Smothered with a generous helping of smoked mozzarella and fontina cheeses. Plus, the traditional staples of carbonara egg and pancetta. If you are looking for more offerings from our Celebrity Chefs, visit our Celebrity Chefs page

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05 Grand Lux Café Venetian

o Without smothering you completely in cheesy entrees, we have a few more stops with mac and cheese side dish options. Make your way over to the Grand Lux Café at The Venetian. For a loaded cheesy mouthful, order up the macaroni and cheese skillet. This side dish is a standout that will forever change your standards on mac and cheese. Decadent, cheesy, and creamy pasta is crusted with toasted breadcrumbs. Make this an even more stand out dish and add some bacon. What goes better with mac and cheese than bacon? Check out the extensive menu on the Grand Lux Café for more details. 

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