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Beat the Heat with a Frozen Treat

When visiting Las Vegas in the summer, you might be looking for ways to cool off without breaking the bank. We have curated a list of delicious frozen treats around The Venetian Resort that can help with that. From ice-cold drinks to uniquely delicious frozen desserts. We have something for everyone. Just watch out for brain freeze.

01 BRERA osteria

When it's hot outside, one of the most desired ways to cool off is with a frozen dairy treat. At BRERA osteria, they have creamy, fruity, smooth frozen treats to help cool you off. Enjoy their house made gelato. With a variety of gelato flavors. Choose from vanilla, pistachio, caramel, or chocolate. If you are looking for non-dairy, their house made sorbet is your best bet. Flavors include strawberry, peach, or raspberry. Are you looking for something to do after you cool off? Check out our top five foodie experiences.

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02 Mott 32

The menu at Mott 32 embodies modern Hong Kong culture while embracing flavors from all over China. With that in mind, you are sure to find a unique and tasty frozen dessert at Mott 32. Go right to the dessert menu and order up one of these two recommended treats. Pomelo, grapefruit, and honeycomb, with coconut ice cream. Or, rose and Valrhona white chocolate panna cotta, with Lychee sorbet, and raspberries. Looking for more authentic cuisine? Check out our authentic cuisine page for all we have to offer.

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03 Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano

You scream, I scream, we all scream for homemade frozen treats. Make your way over to Matteo's Ristorante Italiano for homemade ice cream and sorbet. Matteo's is making and serving up a variety of ice cream flavors. Flavors include vanilla, pistachio, caramel, and chocolate. Or flavorful sorbet in flavors such as mango, lemon, raspberry, and coconut lime. There is a flavor for every palette. Looking for some spiked frozen desserts? Check out our drink your dessert page.

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04 Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Let's get crazy. CRAZYSHAKE that is. Our next stop is over to Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. There are so many unique ways to cool off at Black Tap, but our top pick is with a CRAZYSHAKE. With 10 CRAZYSHAKES to choose from, the possibilities seem endless. With flavors like The Cakeshake. Made starting with a vanilla frosted rim with rainbow sprinkles topped with a funfetti cake slice, more rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry. Or the special Raiders Shake. This is an Oreo shake with vanilla frosted rim silver and black sixlets topped with an Oreo® ice cream cone. Plus, a black and white Raiders cupcake, black whirley pop, silver rock candy, whipped cream, silver and black sprinkles, crushed Oreos, and a chocolate drizzle. These frozen treats are truly all about having your cake and eating it too. Looking for more desserts? We have exactly what you're looking for on our desserts page.

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05 Yardbird

Our next cool off spot is Yardbird, the perfect place to find southern comfort food. A more comfortable temperature we will be with the chocolate cherry ice cream sundae. This decadent and refreshing dessert will bring all the feels with its chocolate fudge brownie and roasted cherries. Then cool yourself off with the creamy vanilla ice cream. What more can you ask for? Find more desserts like this on our dessert page.

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06 SUGARCANE raw bar grill

Keeping with the Sundae theme, our next frozen treat brings us to SUGARCANE raw bar grill. Head straight to the dessert menu to order the Nutella Sundae. A decadent and refreshing dessert made with Nutella ice cream, Nutella hazelnut brownie, and cracker jacks. This unique frozen treat will cool you off and fill you up in no time. Looking for more Nutella desserts? Check out our chocolate lovers page.

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By now, you might be cooled off. However, we want to give you one more option that just might be what you're looking for. Head over to SUSHISAMBA for the perfect bite size frozen treat. The perfect way to end our journey is with a mochi. SUSHISAMBA is serving up mochi, a soft Japanese rice cake filled with ice cream and white chocolate ganache. Now that we've finally cooled off, who's ready for a little pick me up? Check out our coffee page for tasty selections.

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