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Let’s Get Toasted

The popularity of fancy toasts has become a trend of the 2010s. The king of the fancy toast circle is the avocado toast. Even though avocado toast has been on menus since the 1990s the trend didn't blow up until 20 years later. With this, fancy toast has evolved with the times. If we are speaking of the traditional avocado toast, the standard topping is that of mashed avocados, salt, and pepper. Additional toppings may be citrus or a poached egg. If we go back even further, the original fancy toast was the popular appetizer on many Italian menus, Bruschetta. But since the start of fancy toasts, it has evolved into not only a visual art form, but a culinary one. So, take a journey with us through The Venetian Resort and let's get toasted.

01 BRERA osteria

Speaking of bruschetta, our first stop takes us to BRERA osteria. Guests can savor homemade pastas, wood oven-baked breads, and homemade pasta. Plus, indulge in cured meats, olive oils, and mouthwatering mozzarella. But let's not forget, we are here for the Bruschetta. At BRERA, enjoy bruschetta on a ciabatta crostini. Topped with fava beans, peas, pickled vegetables, and shaved parmigiano. Looking for the original fancy toast? BRERA has what you're looking for. Check out our Italian dining page for more Italian dining options.

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02 estiatorio Milos

When you think of fancy toasts, you might not immediately think of Lox and Bagel. However, we would consider this also an original "fancy toast" style menu item. It is a traditional open face "sandwich" with toppings. Delicious Nova Scotia smoked salmon is laid on top of cream cheese, and red onions. All served up on a fresh toasted bagel. For more authentic cuisine, check out our authentic dining page.

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03 Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano

Another Italian restaurant at The Venetian Resort serving up some classic Bruschetta is Matteo's. Guests' can experience one of the best Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. They use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, crafted on a dynamic menu. On the appetizer list you will find what you are looking for, Bruschetta. Grilled ciabatta bread holds copa di testa, fava bean puree, pickled vegetables, and parsley. A traditional, but perfect way to enjoy fancy toast. Looking for the perfect wine pairing with your Bruschetta? Check out our curated wine and bubby list.

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04 Yardbird

Our next stop brings us over to Yardbird. Here you won't find Bruschetta, but some fancy avocado toast. Yes, the one you've been waiting for. Yardbird is known for their southern style cooking. Bringing you comfort food that is next level. On the brunch menu, guests can order the Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast. Starting with some hardy multigrain bread then topped with all the good stuff. Radish, basil, picked shallots, and fennel. What to make it even more fancy? Add eggs any style. The fancier the better right? Check out more fancy dining options The Venetian Resort has to offer.

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05 CAPRI Pool Restaurant & Bar

Keeping the avocado toast trend going, our next stop is Capri. This pool side dining option has some wonderful food and beverage options to keep the pool side vibe going. Feel no guilt with Capri's version of Avocado Toast. It starts with naturally vegan Hass Avocado. Plus, topped with pistachio, Fresno chile, radish, and pickled cucumber. Make it even more fancy with Chino Valley Golden Organic Eggs. Or step up the fancy level by adding smoked salmon and crispy capers. How fancy will your toast get? For more pool dining options, visit our pool page.

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06 Spritz Restaurant & Bar

Our next venue is not too far from Capri. We are staying pool side by visiting Spritz. Spritz Restaurant & Bar offers a leisurely start to your day or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Using seasonal ingredients for refreshing and filling bites while you lounge by the pool. Guests can order the house-made everything bagel and Lox. Starting with a house made everything bagel, it is topped with scallion cream cheese. Plus, the best part of fancy toasts - extra toppings. Wild Rocket arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and capers. See our additional pool dining options by visiting our pool page.

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07 Canyon Ranch Café

Our next fancy toast restaurant is at Canyon Ranch Café. Next to the spa and tucked away from the masses in the Palazzo, it’s a bit of a hidden gem, but one well worth uncovering. A seasonal menu shines with organic ingredients and sustainable cocktails. Our fancy toast find is the avocado toast and poached egg. This fancy toast option is made with grilled house made ciabatta. Served with a petite endive, watercress, and tangerine salad with a strawberry verjus vinaigrette. Looking for more healthy dining options. Check out our eating healthy page.

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Next we are making our way to CHICA for brunch. CHICA promises to delight its diners with an astounding array of amazing dishes. There is no shortage of deliciousness to be found among Chef Garcia’s offerings. Open for brunch, guests can enjoy the freshest ingredients that make for delicious brunch offerings. We are here for the avocado toast of course. During brunch, guests can order this fancy toast that is made with fresh Hass avocados. Topped with pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, and Fresno chile. All on a slice of toasted multigrain bread. CHICA's lets you get extra fancy by offering the options of smoked salmon or egg of any style. Check out more brunch offerings on our brunch page.

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09 Grand Luxe Café – The Venetian

Our final stop on our fancy toast tour is at the Grand Lux Cafe. Another original fancy toast option is one that you might not immediately think of. Typically served for breakfast, our original fancy toast pick is French Toast. You might be asking yourself, how is this fancy toast? Well, it starts with thick slices of Brioche bread with traditional, or over the top toppings. The French toast at the Grand Luxe Cafe is served with maple-butter syrup and topped with fresh strawberries. Let's get even fancier and add bacon. There is a fancy toast for all times of the day. Find more breakfast options by visiting our breakfast page.

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