Eco-Friendly Traveler

As eco-conscious travelers, you want to know the place you’re staying at is making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The Venetian® Resort has been ahead of the curve for years in its accomplishments to become one the largest green hotels on the planet. Their Sands ECO360 global sustainability strategy is designed to help minimize the impact they have on the environment and below we’ve gathered a list of all the ways The Venetian and The Palazzo® are environmentally friendly hotels.

01 LEED Certified Hotel

Qualifying to be LEED certified is based on 100-point scoring system with four levels of certification starting with certified, silver, gold, and platinum. There are seven different categories for a building to earn points: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in operations, and regional bonus points. In 2008, The Palazzo was the first resort property in Las Vegas to achieve LEED Silver Certification and the largest in the country. The Venetian and Sand Expo® in 2010 are the only properties to receive LEED Gold Certification for existing buildings in Las Vegas.

02 Eco Luxury Hotel

Every suite at The Venetian and The Palazzo is nearly double the size of the average Las Vegas hotel room. The latest energy-efficient LED lighting is utilized in all of the suites and they saved more than 57 million watt hours of electricity from 2010 through 2016, enough to power more than 4,800 homes for a year. They also have one of the largest roof-top solar-thermal systems in the country that provides hot water for swimming pools, spas, and a portion of The Palazzo guest suites. When staying in any of the towers at The Venetian Resort, guests can relax knowing that every detail is taken into account.

  • Master light switches in The Palazzo guest suites to allow guests to turn off all lights at once to save energy
  • Energy Star® energy-efficient minibars and LED televisions
  • Green sustainable certified chemicals utilized for cleaning
  • Sustainable certified carpet and building materials
  • Sustainable certified products such as amenities, toilet paper, etc.
  • Sustainable housekeeping practices (such as turning off thermostats, closing drapes, etc.) followed to conserve energy, water, and recycle waste
  • Eco linen program – guests can opt to change out linen and towels after checkout unless requested otherwise
  • EPA certified low flow plumbing fixtures (showerheads, toilets, faucets)
  • Over 24 electric car charging stations are available to guests for free

03 Water Conservation

Being part of the prestigious LEED hotels is no small feat, it takes a team effort and continuous reevaluation of how to be better. As one of the most sustainable hotels, they lead by example with their nano-filtration water technology. The filtration allows them to conserve 22 million gallons of water each year, the equivalent of 33 Olympic-size swimming pools. This non-potable water is used for landscaping, street cleaning, The Palazzo fountain as well as a portion of the building’s air conditioning. The system enables them to stay completely off the water grid for The Palazzo’s irrigation.

04 Fighting Hunger in Southern Nevada

Communities going hungry is a concern across the nation and one in seven struggles with hunger in Southern Nevada. This lead to a partnership with Chefs to End Hunger, a regional not-for-profit organization that distributes leftover meals to local charities. The pick-ups were aligned with produce deliveries so that after the drop-off, the same refrigerated trucks were refilled with food for donation, preventing an empty return trip. In 2017, this creative program donated more than 17,500 meals.

05 Reducing Waste

The ecofriendly resort has one of the highest recycling rates in Las Vegas and 21% more than the national average. Every year The Venetian reclaims more than 30 million pounds of material through their recycling program, that’s amounts to forty 747s of waste that is diverted from landfills. All of the food waste is converted into animal feedstock and donated to the local pig farm. Their Honest Food Program uses fresh and sustainable ingredients, allowing them to prepare all of their menus from scratch. By using seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients they avoid using frozen, canned, and processed foods.

06 Conserving Energy

The Venetian Resort and Sands Expo have gone “all in” on renewable energy. Since May 2019, the resort has been in a partnership with NV Energy. Our partnership allowed us to offset our energy use. By investing in solar, wind, and other energy sources, we were able to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates. These certificates help track the energy we generate. Our entire Las Vegas campus is now powered by 100% renewable energy. This adds up to about 225 million kilowatt-hours per year, enough to power 28,000 single-family houses. The U.S. Department of Energy recognized the resort for going beyond a 20% energy reduction goal in the Better Buildings Challenge. In 2019, the resort and Sands Expo were praised for a 24% reduction in energy use since the challenge began in 2011.

07 Better Buying Habits

The Venetian Honest Food Program uses fresh and sustainable ingredients. This allows our chefs to prepare everything from scratch. By using seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, they can avoid frozen, canned, and processed foods. We wanted to do even better. Targeting our seafood use, we wanted to find more "responsibly sourced" products. In June 2019, we started working with an organization called FishWise. With their help, we are sourcing even more sustainable seafood using their strict criteria. Our goal is to serve as a model for the industry. By the time we're finished, The Venetian Resort will offer the most extensive seafood sustainability choices on the Las Vegas Strip.