minus5º Ice Experience

The coolest experience in Las Vegas

minus5º Ice Experience


Come Chill With Us at the most unique experience in Las Vegas. Party with over 90 tons of ice while exploring a winter wonderland filled with amazing, interactive ice sculptures. This unique, one-of-a-kind ice experience is sure to create some fun and amazing memories for you and your friends.

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Once you choose your package, you’re kitted out with gloves and a warm parka or Faux Fur Coat, then transported into a winter wonderland of interactive ice architecture while sipping the coolest beverages from glasses made entirely of ice. An exciting LED light show and upbeat music plays while you take in the pristine surroundings. The temperature is controlled and designed to provide a refreshing experience as you explore the different ice sculptures and themed ice rooms.

minus5º is the coolest venue for your next private event. After enjoying the unique ice experience, your guests can warm up in our lounge area with exceptional catering and various entertainment options. If you are looking to WOW your guests, clients or coworkers with something completely unique, minus5º is the place!

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