Success Story: A Tech Conference with a Personal Touch.

Success Story: A Tech Conference with a Personal Touch.

The Adobe Summit – Scaling Up with Soul

Fast Company talked to Adobe on how to maintain the personal touch, during a time of rapid growth.

Since its modest origins 11 years ago, the Adobe Summit has grown rapidly. It hosts over 13,000 attendees annually. Three years ago, this popular tech conference relocated to The Venetian. This gave the organizers both more space and options for creative event management.

In a Fast Company interview, Mike Stiles of Adobe talked about challenges. Including, maintaining the original spirit of the Summit, during rapid growth. He emphasizes four key success factors.

  • Top-Notch Service. Anticipating attendee needs. Providing quiet spaces, culinary variety, and vast tech support.
  • Creative Experiences. Designing smaller events within the larger conference umbrella. Leveraging many non-traditional space options at The Venetian.
  • Attendee Focus. Understanding and prioritizing attendee preferences. Placing more focus on learning and networking than on splashy entertainment.
  • Innovative Details. Adding small, creative touches that enhance the event experience.

By pursuing these initiatives Adobe has achieved record growth. A well as forming a constructive partnership with The Venetian. All while staying true to their core ideals and customer expectations.

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