Success Story: Navigating the Path Forward for Meetings and Events.

Success Story: Navigating the Path Forward for Meetings and Events.

Skift Report – Navigating the Path Forward for Meetings and Events

Insights and Perspectives for Success in a Post-Pandemic World How the Venetian is seeking new solutions in these unprecedented times.

The world is battling COVID-19. Like many other industries, the events sector has been affected. Meeting planners had to adapt to a world changed overnight. Many are seeking new solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

Virtual gatherings have filled the gap to a degree. But, event planners know that these can’t match face-to-face experiences. In-person events deliver real value for attendees. Virtual platforms can’t match live events for things like sensitive negotiations. Live events create opportunities when attendees interact. Investment in “experiential design” shows that live events are crucial.

It’s hard to know when live events will return. Industry executives are trying to find the best mix of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. They’re looking for ways to make in-person events safer and virtual events more effective.

This Skift report shows how industry stakeholders are dealing with the crisis. It offers best practices and innovations for businesses, meeting planners, and venues. Economic forecasts and health and safety protocols are discussed. Technologies that enhance the virtual experience are also presented.

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