Success Story: Design and Venetian Meetings.

Thinking about experience and engagement while balancing company objectives

Success Story: Design and Venetian Meetings.

Skift Report - The Rise of Design Thinking In Meetings and Events

Design thinking helps planners organize and shape elements of an event. This enables for optimum end user engagement.

What is design thinking?

Individuals across functional disciplines share a strategic, end-customer-focused vision. In the event space, it’s a way of consolidate various components. Including a meeting plan to serve a central set of business objectives. In other words, events are “designed” to meet specific, customer-focused goals.

Event owners and planners are constantly looking for new ways to capture the attention and imagination of meeting attendees. Today, digital technology gives meeting planners a new, complex set of tools for attendee engagement. This makes planning both more exciting and more challenging. Design thinking gives planners a way to organize and shape all the elements of an event for optimum end user engagement.

This report examines the successful use of design thinking. With insights of executives inside and outside the events' industry.

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