Success Story: Big Conference Innovation.

Engaging Attendees with Innovative Learning Environments and Shareable Experiences.

Success Story: Big Conference Innovation.

Amazon Web Services - 2016 re:Invent Conference

The Venetian and Amazon partnership created innovative new event experiences.

The most successful conference planners recognize the need for innovation. Finding new ways to attract and engage attendees.

Amazon Web Services' annual re:Invent conference is an example of continuing innovation. The show, which is entering its 6th year, attracts over 30,000 attendees. And over a five-day period and continues to grow.

For the 2016 show, re:Invent's producers reached out to The Venetian. They needed our expertise to help them think outside the box. Creating experiences that would engage and delight attendees. Together, AWS and The Venetian implemented an immersive array of experiences. This helped to maximize attendee enjoyment and productivity. These included:

Fertilization: AWS treated The Venetian as a blank canvas. This helped in creating branded spaces. Re:Invent Park was an outdoor area where attendees could relax and watch speakers remotely. Plus listen to live music, or enjoy unique interactive games. Re:Play was a nightlife area and grub crawl. This encouraged attendees to mingle, eat and drink their way through The Venetian's restaurants and lounges.

Mobile Innovation: The conference had a dedicated mobile app and RFID-enabled badges. This enabled AWS to inform attendees of changes to the agenda. As well as track and react to session attendance. The flexibility of the resort's Las Vegas meeting space gave AWS the ability to implement on-the-fly changes. This was based on rich, real-time data.

Mini-Cons: Re:Invent allowed attendees to customize their experience. Single-day, immersive mini-conferences were the show's most popular topics.

Health and Sustainability: The Venetian helped AWS introduce a healthy "grab-and-go" snack program. Plus, distributed refillable water bottles to attendees. Any food that was not served, was donated to a local charity.

The Venetian establishes partnerships with planners of major conferences. The re:Invent show is an example of these kinds of strong relationships. "At Amazon, we have a long-term perspective, and The Venetian's team is the same way. While we're focusing on the current year's conference, we're also working with them on innovating for several years in the future." Says Ariel Kelman, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at AWS.