Five Rooms

Our Strengths on Display


For 2018’s Cvent show, The Venetian Meetings team created a first-ever installation called Five Rooms. This was to showcase the resort’s stand-out event capabilities. Each of the Five Rooms was designed to illustrate one aspect of our property.

  • The Fully-Integrated room highlighted the holistic, “city-within-a-city” nature of The Venetian. Meeting attendees can work, play, relax, and sleep without having to leave the premises.
  • The Built for Business room emphasized our deep legacy in the meetings industry. We actually designed our hotels around the original Venetian Expo convention halls.
  • The Innovation room shone a spotlight on our creative programs and non-traditional spaces. It featured a clever “cocktail wall” that “hand”-delivered drinks to attendees.
  • Our Sustainability room focused on our green leadership. With a botanical wall display and information on our cutting-edge local sourcing initiatives.
  • The Convenience room revolved around the flexible and time-saving nature of our meeting space. It included features such as quick snacks and a write-on wall. Attendees could express their ideas related to convenience and productivity.

Our goal in creating the Five Rooms was to educate meeting planners about The Venetian. In addition to inspire them to take full advantage of our core strengths.

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