Fintech Events in Las Vegas


I'm Tracy Davis. I'm the president of Money 20/20, globally. We are all the world's largest FinTech events. This year we did a really big really big re-overhaul of our space with the team at the Venetian - who were great to work with. We really designed the spaces in different ways this year. We wanted to create smaller, more intimate content spaces. We know that there is a real need to get up close and personal if you like. So we wanted to create a very intimate space. And we wanted that to be in the public zone. So that people could brush by and look in. Content has to deliver in lots of different forms and that's very important. We created a stage on the show floor of 800 seats and we made it a silent stage with 800 people coming in and putting the headphones in and tuning in. It's a very intimate experience. When you put the headphones on and you're one on one listening to speakers, it’s very different. People want slightly less formal content. As part of the offering, they want big stages and keynotes and fireworks and all of that stuff but they want to get up close and personal with speakers and have a slightly more intimate experience. We're just looking for different ways to excite our delegates, give them a different experience, and ultimately keep them coming back.

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