An Unforgettable Evening

Fintech Events in Las Vegas


Just like anyone else, meeting attendees want stories to tell - they want social currency. They want to go back home and say ‘You won't believe what I experienced.’ Our role is to make that happen. We pulled in the nose of an Airbus, there's a G5, there's a 747 to your right. You walked in and it ,was a bucket list moment - to be in a private hangar - to see planes of that scale that are that pristine.  We let the attendees go up into the planes, sit in the cockpit, talk to the flight attendants, and see what a custom Airbus feels like. It was a pretty astounding experience.  We've got this unbelievable setting but then you've got beautiful vignettes of furniture and really crafted cocktails and thoughtful food. For instance, we set up a vegetable table that looks like you could go pluck a carrot from the garden. The important thing we try to do is leave guests with an artifact so if you came to our IMAX hangar party attendees walk away with many things that they care about and they remember. They were pounding out monogrammed luggage tags with your travel stories so you talk to somebody about the things you care about and travel and they give you your travel fortune.  All these unbelievable little touches and moments throughout that event but leave those attendees going home and telling their husbands and friends that you won't believe what I saw - you won't believe what I experienced.  You know, that one great party you went to five years ago that you probably still talk about when you're their dinner party? I didn't just go to a party the night club, no, I went to a party in a hangar. That was the feeling evoked by the hangar party.

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