The Venetian Expo Hall B

Hall B features high ceilings, a freight door fitting multiple trucks, drop-down utilities, and two full kitchens. It connects by airwall to Halls A and C and escalators to Hall G.

The Venetian Expo Hall B Stats

Space Type

Exhibition Hall

Square Feet


Square Feet


The Venetian Expo Hall B Details

Exhibition Hall B may be combined with up to four other Halls for total space ranging from 367,000 square feet (combined with Hall A) to 1.035 million square feet (all five halls combined).


The Venetian Expo Level 2


May be combined with Hall A, Hall C, and/or Hall G. If combined with C, may also be combined with Hall D.


  • Ceiling Height -- 32' 5"
  • Columns -- 32 columns; 24" square spaced 60' x 90' apart (center to center)
  • Power -- Dropped from ceiling
  • Load-In Door -- 50' high by 20' wide
  • Lighting -- Programmable LED, overhead


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