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Grazie FAQs


Why should I sign up for Grazie Rewards?

Grazie Rewards is Las Vegas’ premier loyalty program, and members are always guaranteed the best rates, exclusive access and benefits, and earn gaming benefits like comps and free play.


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How can I sign up for Grazie Rewards?

Before you arrive at our Resort

  • Join at venetianlasvegas.com/grazie
  • Ask to join through our call center at 866.659.9643

When you are at our Resort

  • Grazie Rewards Desk
  • While playing Slots
  • While playing Table Games
  • Visiting our Cage


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How can I obtain a Grazie Rewards card?

You can obtain a Grazie Rewards card at Grazie Rewards Desks located on The Venetian and The Palazzo casino floors. The desk on The Venetian casino floor is located near the poker room, and the desk on The Palazzo casino floor is located next to the casino cage.


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Where can I use the Grazie Rewards card?

  • At slot and video poker games to earn Grazie Rewards Points, Grazie Gifts Points, Tier Points, and to have play rated
  • At table games (excluding poker room) to earn Grazie Gifts Points, Tier Points, and to have play rated
  • In the poker room to have play rated
  • At participating partners to earn Tier Points (by charging purchases back to your guest suite) and to receive discounts and upgrades. Ask the Front Desk during check-in to add your Grazie Rewards account number to your reservation


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Can I earn Tier Points for multiple suites?

Yes. Members of the Grazie Rewards Program accrue Tier Points on up to three suites.


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What do I get for signing up as a new member?

  • See all the advantages of being a member of Grazie Rewards here.
  • In addition, new members receive extra incentives for slot play
  • Visit a Grazie Rewards Desk on The Venetian or The Palazzo casino floors for full details


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Does my Tier Level change if I redeem my Grazie Rewards Points?

No. You retain your Tier Level regardless of how many Grazie Rewards Points you redeem. The Tier Level will only change if you don’t obtain the amount of Tier Points needed to get to the next Tier (Grazie Premier = 1,000 Tier Points/Grazie Elite = 10,000 Tier Points/Paiza Gold = 40,000 Tier Points) before March 1st of each year.


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Do I earn points for playing table games?

Yes, you can earn Tier Points and Grazie Gifts Points for your table games play. Using your card while playing table games is also the only way for you to be rated so you can be eligible to receive comps and additional offers.


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How can I check my Point Balance?

You can check your Point Balance online at venetianlasvegas.com/grazie, at either Grazie Rewards Desk, or any Slot or Video Poker Machine with the iView Screen.


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How do I redeem my Grazie Rewards Points for Slot Credits?

Visit the Grazie Rewards Desk to set up a PIN number. Insert your Grazie Rewards card into any slot machine and select REDEEM POINTS. Enter your PIN and the amount you wish to redeem. Ask the Grazie Rewards Desk for Instruction Cards, if needed.


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When do my points expire?

  • Grazie Rewards Points expire after 12 months without earning a Grazie Rewards Point
  • Grazie Gifts Points expire at the conclusion of the annual Grazie Gifts event
  • Tier Points balances reset to 0 on March 1st each year


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How can I update the information on my account – address, email, phone number, etc.?

Online at venetianlasvegas.com/grazie or in-person at either Grazie Rewards Desk.


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Can I transfer my available points to somebody else?

No. Points and all associated benefits are non-transferable.


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Can my spouse/family member/friend and I sign up for the same account together?

No. Grazie Rewards does not offer joint accounts.


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Does my Grazie Rewards account expire?

No. However, you must re-qualify for Grazie Premier, Grazie Elite, and Paiza Gold Tier Levels every 12 months. On March 1st each year, all Tier Points reset to zero, and your Tier for that program year is established.


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How do I obtain a copy of my Win/Loss statement?

2022 and prior year Win/Loss Statements are available online at venetianlasvegas.com/grazie for you to view and download.

If you have any additional questions email WinLoss@VenetianLasVegas.com. Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply. 


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How do I obtain a copy of my taxable winnings and Tax forms?

For inquiries or copies on taxable winnings, such as W2G and 1042-S forms you can email.
Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply.


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