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Unique Spa Experiences

When it comes to a spa day, on occasion you want to try something new. Maybe something a little out of the ordinary? Long story short, it's not your regular spa day style. Here we have curated a list of all of the unique spa treatments you can choose from. From acupuncture, to reiki to treatments  from around the globe. Whatever  style treatment you might try, at Canyon Ranch, you know you are going to get the best of the best. 

01 Fit Massage

If you are looking for a unique spa treatment after a good workout, then the Fit Massage is just for you. A certified fitness trainer will perform a 30-minute Fusionetics® Movement Analysis. This is to assess muscle strength and muscle groups that need attention. Based on your results, a massage therapist will customize a 50-minute deep tissue massage to meet your individual needs. A personalized take-home plan will be provided to you for after, with tips and self care options.

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02 Chakra Balancing Massage

One unique treatment on our Far East spa menu is the Chakra Balancing Massage. The treatment begins with an anointment of Rose and Lotus Flower essence. Next comes the sound of chimes to clear energy that provide focus. Ayurvedic Dosha balancing oils are applied to the body’s energy centers. Such as along the spine to facilitate opening and flow of energy in your chakras. Then an Ayurvedic Kansa wand is used to activate and balance your chakras. Semi-precious stones are placed on your chakras to further balance the body. This provides peace and clarity to the mind. This treatment then ends with a Kansa foot bowl treatment to ground you for the rest of your day.

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03 Hydrafacial MD®

This noninvasive treatment involves multiple steps. A combination of pure relaxation. There are numerous benefits of the HydraFacial. A relaxing resurfacing procedure. Combining a mild chemical peel and automated painless extractions. No pinching involved. In addition, a combination of antioxidants is applied. Plus, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Enjoy real results without downtime or irritation. Sound like the perfect way to relax? Decide from two options. Relax for 50-minutes or an 80-minute facial.

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04 Euphoria King's Bath

Bliss begins here. Some of the truly unique spa treatments are the ritual baths. Enter a euphoric state of being with this elegant treatment. Designed to calm and relax your body and mind. The Euphoria King's Bath begins with a soothing aromatherapy scalp massage. Followed by a relaxing body scrub. You will immerse in a soaking tub with a special aromatherapy blend. The final touch is a relaxing massage using warm herb-infused oil.

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