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Make mine a Mocktail

Whether you are the designated driver or just don't drink alcohol, our venues can make you a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail. This is otherwise known as a mocktail. When it comes to mocktails, these are mixed drinks created with the same complexities of craft cocktails. Bartenders use the same mixology methods to replicate a standard cocktail, but without the alcohol. They use a combination of unique flavors like fresh juices, syrups, sodas, and more. The final product is a non-alcoholic beverage. Mocktails are meant to be enjoyed, just like a well-mixed cocktail. So, make mine a mocktail. See some of our favorite mocktail picks from around The Venetian Resort.


At WAKUDA, discover new world tastes steeped in tradition. Through late-night menus, cocktails, and even mocktails. On the cocktail menu, you can find some non-boozy drink options. Try the Kyuri. Crafted with cucumber, mint, Thai chili, lime, and fever-tree light tonic. Or order up the Geisha’s Garden. Mixed with lychee, butterfly pea tea agave, lime, and fever-tree club soda. Other mocktails include the Shizuoka Sunrise and the Kazē. However you like your mocktails, make sure to pair it with some sushi.

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02 Mott 32

When visiting Mott 32 you will be immersed in the mouthwatering smells all around you. Take in the scents of applewood roasted Peking duck, or the signature Iberico pluma char siu. With the scents of cuisine all around you, you will want something refreshing. Feel no guilt when you order the non-alcoholic Jasmine Cooler. Made with lychee, jasmine tea, orange blossom Stonecutters passion fruit, miso honey, lemon verbena, and plum. 

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03 estiatorio Milos

At Milos, it all comes down to quality. Spiliadis focuses on Greek heritage in its purest form. Utilizing only the freshest ingredients with precise amounts allows the flavors of nature to truly shine. The same care and consideration go into their mocktails. The sparkling Early Grey lemonade is our pick at Milos. Made with house-squeezed lemonade and orange juice, Earl Grey syrup, and Fever Tree club soda. Another mocktail delight is the Ronald Palmer. Made with freshly brewed iced tea, house-squeezed lemonade and grapefruit juice, with basil. For something with a kick, try the vodka cocktail, In the Know.

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04 Delmonico Steakhouse

Delmonico has some delicious spirit-free mocktails for those looking to indulge without any guilt. First up is the Apple Jacks. Created using apple spice syrup, cranberry shrub, and a splash of soda. A tangy, refreshing; treat for any apple lover. Next Delmonico is serving up the More Than A Palmer. Created with house-made rosemary infused black currant tea syrup, lemon, and ginger beer. Pair your spirit-free beverage with a guilty pleasure dessert.

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05 LAVO Italian Restaurant

Stopping by for dinner at LAVO? Or did you have a long day of exploring Las Vegas like a local? Whatever the day may hold, LAVO has refreshing mocktails just for you. And what's even better? Choices, of course. First up is the raspberry cucumber spritz. Mixed with fresh raspberries, cucumber, mint oil, and agave nectar. Nothing says refreshing more than cucumber and mint, yum. For the mojito connoisseurs, a virgin cranberry spiced mojito. Created with fresh orange juice, agave nectar, mint oil, cold pressed lime juice, cranberry juice, and spiced sugar cane. Next is the rosemary citrus spritz. Made with fresh lemon juice, orange juice, agave nectar, rosemary, and sparkling water. The final mocktail is the blackberry buck. This drink is created using fresh blackberries, cold pressed lemon juice, and ginger beer. So many guilt free mocktails to choose from at LAVO.

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Next mocktail destination brings us to SUSHISAMBA. Serving brunch, happy hour, dinner or late-night fare, we are in search of the perfect mocktail for this journey. Order up the coco leite. A mix of coconut milk, pineapple, and mango is served long over ice. Refreshing and tropical. Another great mocktail experience is the berry smash. Blackberries and raspberries are muddled and topped with sparkling lime water, served long over ice. Another refreshing cucumber concoction is the cucumber refresher. Made with fresh cucumber juice, agave nectar, topped with sparkling water, over ice. After a refreshing mocktail, take in some Las Vegas culture and art. Check out our trip guide to help you plan an exciting day.

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07 Electra Cocktail Club

When you think of a bar or lounge, you might not think mocktail. However, our next few stops will pleasantly surprise any spirit-free drinker. Our first spot for some tasty mocktails is Electra Cocktail Club. This hot spot has all the vibes with their mocktail selection. Order up the Byron Bay, made with passion fruit, ginger, lime, and club soda. Fruity, flavorful, and refreshing. If you are looking for something a little more exciting, you will want the Stone Fruit Season.  Made with peach, pineapple, honey, citrus, and hellfire bitters. Whoa, now that is an exciting first sip. Find out more that Electra Cocktail Club has to offer. 

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08 Rosina Cocktail Lounge

Next up is Rosina Cocktail Lounge. Offering a quieter, more sophisticated Las Vegas lounge atmosphere. The menu features shaken, stirred, and bubbly categories, as well as mocktail. Two must try spirit-free drinks are the Virgin Islands Cooler and the East Side Tonic. The Virgin Islands cooler is made with pineapple juice, lime, house-made ginger syrup, canne, and luxardo cherries. The East Side Tonic is created with elderflower tonic, lime, house-made simple syrup, cucumber, and mint. See more of Rosina.

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Chef Garcia’s specialty is Latin fusion. The menu is bursting with incredible dishes found across the Americas. The best thing to pair with a delicious menu item is a mocktail. At CHICA's, on the cocktail menu under spirit free, you will find what you're looking for. Try the Pomegranate Soda. Mixed with pomegranate, lemon, and soda water. The perfect refreshing drink on a hot summer's day. Or order up the Sour Flower. Crafted together with Lychee, lemon, egg white, and Elderflower Tonic. Looking for more ways to cool off? Check out our list of ways to cool off in the summer heat.

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