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How to cool off in the Summer Heat

Summer in Las Vegas is quite a unique experience. Temperatures can be well over 100 degrees and the sun can be overwhelming. But fear not, we have navigated the summer for you and curated a list of ways to cool off from those 100-degree temperatures. Whether you might want to enjoy a little sun by the pool or from the comfort of your personal cabana. Or if you want to avoid being outside all together. Enjoy indoor shopping, frozen treats, cold drinks, and more. We have a little bit of everything from indoor and outdoor activities. We have all the perfect ways to stay cool during the summer heat.

01 Pools

The ultimate way to cool off during the summer is at over two acres of refreshing pools. The newly renovated deck includes four large pools, three of them infinity.  A splash pad, in pool ledge loungers, and daybeds in the center of the pools. These create a contemporary, luxurious oasis. The best pools and pool parties in Las Vegas turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones. And turn hot weather into enjoyable days to cool you off. Whether you want to sunbathe, relax the day away, or to cool off, the pools at The Venetian Resort are you best bet.

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02 Cabanas

One of the perfect ways to cool off from the Las Vegas summer sun is in a cabana. Experience a sun-drenched summer at The Venetian Resort. Just steps away from the pools in our array of perfectly appointed cabanas, is the best way to cool off. With the best cabanas in Las Vegas, staying out of the summer sun has never been easier. Each of these spacious retreats features details and furnishings that provide comfort and convenience. Top-notch service makes hours out of the sun pleasurable and relaxing.

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03 Indoor Dining

One of the best ways to stay cool and still enjoy your Las Vegas vacation is at a restaurant. Las Vegas has endless food options, without ever having to go outside. With quick bites, cold drinks, unique entrees, and more. The best restaurants in Las Vegas, allow you to get a full Las Vegas experience while staying cool. At The Venetian Resort, experience a restaurant collection with the most diverse dining options. With award-winning steakhouses. Plus, Italian restaurants that will transport your taste buds to all the regions of Italy. There's something for everyone trying to stay cool during the summer.

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04 Frozen Treats

When visiting Las Vegas in the summer, you might be looking for ways to cool off without breaking the bank. We have the ultimate list of delicious frozen treats around The Venetian Resort that can help with that. From ice-cold drinks to uniquely delicious frozen desserts. We have something for everyone. Just watch out for brain freeze. Check out the extensive list here.

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05 Indoor Shopping

The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian is a premier destination for Las Vegas luxury shopping. It is also the perfect place to enjoy shopping out of the summer sun. With over 160 signature stores with dozens of luxury brands. Walk through the cobblestone walkways. Under illuminated canopied painted ceilings. It feels like an outdoor shopping experience, without having to go outside. This unique shopping environment includes restaurants for any time of the day. Breakfast, brunch lunch, or dinner, there is something for every time of the day to beat the heat of outside. Strolling through The Grand Canal Shoppes is the perfect way to cool off during the summer.

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06 Canyon Ranch® spa + fitness

Canyon Ranch® spa + fitness is one of the world’s largest day spas. Guests can choose from more than 150 incredible services. From foot massages to facials to body scrubs. All within a 134,000-square-foot Las Vegas day spa with more than 90 treatment rooms and exclusive amenities. Stepping into the relaxing environment at Canyon Ranch® spa + fitness, is the perfect way to cool off from the summer heat.

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07 minus5º Ice Experience

Come chill at the most unique ice bar in Las Vegas. Cool off with over 90 tons of ice. Be transported into a winter wonderland of interactive ice architecture. Then sip on one of the coolest beverages from glasses made entirely of ice. This unique, one-of-a-kind ice bar experience is sure to create some fun and amazing memories for you and your friends. This is one of our top picks for the ultimate way to cool off from the heat of a Las Vegas summer.

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