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A Las Vegas Day – When you need to recover

The bright lights of Las Vegas can lead to wild and adventurous nights. The next morning might not be as fun as the night before. But! We are here to help fix any overindulgences. Whether you need a quick pick me up, a full day of recovery, or just something greasy and delicious. We have a list of the best hangover recovery options to refresh, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate you.

01 Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness

One of the best ways to detox and refresh is booking a treatment or two at Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness. You might not be ready to hit the treadmill just yet, but the 50-minute detox cocoon is the perfect way to get started. This treatment helps to detox and hydrate your body. Feel as if you're floating weightlessly in an envelopment bed as you relax. Now that you've started detoxing from last night’s festivities, follow up with the sole rejuvenation treatment. This special foot massage uses peppermint oil to help heal and recover. Face feeling puffy? Book the 50-minute vitamin-c antioxidant facial. A balance of vitamin C that promotes and supports healthy, beautiful, firmer skin.

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Next stop in your hangover recovery is stopping by CR CREĀT. This grab-and-go destination was created by Canyon Ranch. Offering healthy quick bites, energy boosting juices, coffee, tea, sandwiches, seasonal salads, and snacks. One of the best ways to nourish and replenish your body. Their food philosophy is simple - when you eat better, you feel better. That's the ultimate goal when you are recovering from a hangover! Grab a sunrise sandwich or steel-cut oats to get something in your belly. With food options full of nutrients, CR CREĀT is the kind of place that feeds you in more ways than one.

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04 JuiceFarm

With two convenient locations, JuiceFarm is what you need for hangover recovery. Offering juice blends, smoothies, wellness shots, cleanses, and more. There are numerous options to start the detox process. We recommend starting with re-hydration and recovery with a bottle of coconut water. Next, follow it up with a 'cocktail' of beets, carrots, and green juices. Finally, chase that hangover fighting mix with detox and defense shots. JuiceFarm is the perfect spot to refresh and start the morning off on the right foot.

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05 Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Maybe your idea of hangover recovery is something gooey and greasy. Or maybe you are a 'hair-of-the-dog' style of recovery vacationer. If these sound like you, we recommend Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. Grab a juice and decadent craft burger like the Kobe Steakhouse Burger - beef, cheese, bacon, and more. Or soak up the alcohol with fries and rings. Offering Idaho fries, sweet potato fries, or house made onion rings - served with house sauce of your choice. Get the hair-of-the-dog with a bountiful selection of craft beers, cocktails, dole whip, and more. Black Tap has exactly what you need to start your hangover recovery.

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06 Madame Tussauds

It might not be exactly a hangover recovery, but something you can do while you recover from that hangover. After stopping by one of our suggested hangover recovery locations, take a stroll over to Madame Tussauds. Here you can join the wolf pack at the new Hangover Bar. Step beyond the screen and join the Wolf Pack on a rooftop bar. This is an immersive experience like no other. Try custom Hangover themed drinks for the hair-of-the-dog. Take in views that only the Las Vegas Strip can offer. Then, explore other iconic scenes from the movie, including the penthouse suite. This is a fun way to distract you from your actual hangover!

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