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Grazie Rewards Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Participation in the Grazie Rewards loyalty program (“Program”) is subject to the Grazie Rewards Terms and Conditions.
  2. Nevada law prohibits persons under 21 years of age from engaging in any gaming activity; Patrons must be at least 21 years of age to participate in the Program and present valid government-issued photo identification for proof of age in order to obtain a Grazie Rewards card.
  3. Membership and all associated benefits of the Program are intended for use by the person listed on the account (“Program Member”) and are non-transferable.
  4. Valid government-issued photo identification along with Grazie Rewards card must be presented when redeeming against any point balance associated with the Program.
  5. Replacement and/or duplicate cards will be issued with valid government-issued photo identification. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas® (“The Venetian”) is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misused cards.
  6. Management reserves the right to adjust Program account Tier (“Tier”), or any point balance due to computer error, machine malfunction, operator error, fraud, or other misuse of the Grazie Rewards card.
  7. All decisions regarding the interpretation of Program Terms and Conditions, eligibility, disputes, accumulation of Tier Points, Grazie Rewards Points, and Grazie Gifts Points and subsequent decisions by management are final and binding.
  8. It is against Program Terms and Conditions for Program Members to distribute cards to other persons for the purpose of accruing points.
  9. Employees of The Venetian, their immediate family members, and household members are ineligible for membership in the Program.
  10. Membership in the Program may be revoked or canceled at any time, without notice, at the discretion of management.
  11. Management reserves the right to cancel, change, or revise Program Terms and Conditions, rewards, and benefits.
  12. Membership in the Program constitutes acceptance of all Program Terms and Conditions, policies of The Venetian, and any and all changes to the same, including changes to rewards and benefits.
  13. Any Program Member who is trespassed from The Venetian will have his or her Program membership immediately revoked and will not be eligible for any future Program benefits. Further, the trespassed individual will forfeit any and all benefits associated with his or her Program membership, including, but not limited to any unredeemed Tier Points, Grazie Rewards Points, or Grazie Gifts Points.
  14. Any Program Member may be excluded from any Tier based on management discretion.
  15. The following outlines the four (4) Program Tiers and the number of Tier Points that must be earned to attain each Tier: “Grazie Member” = 0 Tier Points; “Grazie Premier” = 1,000 Tier Points; “Grazie Elite” = 10,000 Tier Points; “Paiza Gold” = 40,000 Tier Points.
  16. Upon enrollment in the Program, the participant becomes a Program Member and will be eligible for the corresponding Tier benefits based on the qualifying Tier Points earned. A Program Member’s Tier will automatically advance once the minimum number of Tier Points associated with each Tier is earned.
  17. Tier benefits are valid from the date the Tier is attained until the last day of February of the following year.
  18. Tier Point accumulation and Tier advancement are determined between March 1 and the last day of February of the following year (“Tier Accumulation and Advancement Period”). Starting March 1 of a new Accumulation and Advancement Period, the following occurs: Tier Points will reset to zero, and Program Member’s Tier will be established based on the Tier Points earned from the previous Tier Accumulation and Advancement Period.
  19. Tier Points, Grazie Rewards Points, and Grazie Gifts Points are earned at the rates described herein or as otherwise designated or revised by management.
  20. Tier Points are earned from qualifying slot and video poker play, table games play, and other Resort spend charged back to the Program Member’s suite and paid for at checkout. Program Member will earn: Casino - Tier Points are earned based on average bet, duration of play, and specific table games or machine play; Hotel charges (Suite Rate, Resort Fee and Suite Upgrades) - Three (3) Tier Points for every $1 paid at checkout; Resort charges - One (1) Tier Point for every $1 charged back to Program Member’s suite for dining, entertainment, spa, or retail purchase that are paid for at checkout. Tier Points will not be awarded for taxes, gratuity, or comps. Tier Points earned, as described above, are combined to determine Tier. Tier Points from Hotel charges and Resort charges can be earned for a maximum of three suites on any particular date or date range. Benefits of each Tier are outlined in the Grazie Rewards Brochure.
  21. To earn Tier Points from qualifying Resort charges, Program Member must charge all purchases made at participating outlets back to his or her suite, and his or her Grazie Rewards Account number must be linked to the Program Member’s reservation. It is the responsibility of the Program Member to provide his or her Grazie Rewards card number to the Front Desk agent during check-in and ask to link his or her Grazie Rewards account to his or her reservation.
  22. To take advantage of Tier benefits, Program Member must present his or her Grazie Rewards card to participating outlets at the time of benefit redemption.
  23. Grazie Rewards Points are earned from qualifying slot and video poker play only. Program Member will earn: Earn 1 Grazie Rewards Point for every Tier Point playing slots, electronic table games, and video poker. Grazie Rewards Points are valid as long as the Program Member obtains at least one (1) Grazie Rewards Point every twelve months. If the Program Member does not obtain any Grazie Rewards Points within any twelve-month period, the entire Grazie Rewards Points account balance will expire.
  24. Grazie Rewards Points are only redeemable for Slot Credits or Resort Comps. Grazie Rewards Points will be redeemable at different rates based on Program Member’s Tier, which will be as follows: “Grazie Member” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.01; “Grazie Premier” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.015; “Grazie Elite” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.02; “Paiza Gold” – 1 Grazie Rewards Point = $0.025. Grazie Rewards Points must be redeemed in whole dollar increments.
  25. To redeem Grazie Rewards Points for Slot Credits, Program Member must insert their Grazie Rewards card into a slot machine and follow the steps on the machine to download their Slot Credits which include Program Member validation by entering the PIN Number associated with the Program Member’s account.
  26. To redeem Grazie Rewards Points for a Resort Comp, Program Member must bring valid, government-issued photo identification along with their Grazie Rewards card to the Grazie Rewards Desk to receive a Resort Comp voucher. Outlets participating in Resort Comps are subject to change without notice. A list of participating outlets is available at the Grazie Rewards Desk. Resort Comp voucher will expire 72 hours after issuance.
  27. Grazie Gifts Points are earned from qualifying slot play, video poker play, and table games play only. Program Member will earn: Slot and Video Poker Play - Four (4) Grazie Gifts Points per $1 in theoretical; Table Games Play - Two (2) Grazie Gifts Points per $1 in theoretical. Grazie Gifts Points may only be redeemed during the Annual Grazie Gifts event and shall expire at the conclusion of the Annual Grazie Gifts event and will be reset to zero thereafter.
  28. Grazie Rewards card must be properly inserted in the card reader to accumulate Tier Points, Grazie Rewards Points, and Grazie Gifts Points on qualifying slot and video poker play and must be presented to Table Games personnel to be rated and earn Tier Points and Grazie Gifts Points during table games play.
  29. No Tier Points, Grazie Rewards Points, or Grazie Gifts Points will be earned on any free slot play, free table play vouchers, or promotional chips.
  30. The Venetian uses reasonable efforts to track a Program Member’s average bet and length of play; however, as a condition of receiving Tier Points and Grazie Gifts Points for table games play, Program Members agree that such Tier Points and Grazie Gifts Points are granted based on the personal observation of The Venetian’s employees, which is subject to error. The determination of The Venetian shall be final with respect to any discrepancies.
  31. Program Member is responsible for selecting and securely maintaining a username and password for his or her online Grazie Rewards account.
  32. Program Members may have access to Program Member specific promotional offers when logged into their online Grazie Rewards account at venetianlasvegas.com/grazie. Offers will have their own distinct terms and conditions.
  33. Program Members understand that in exchange for rewards and offers in connection with the Program, they agree to provide certain personal information for use by The Venetian. Read our Privacy Notice at venetianlasvegas.com/policy to learn more about our information practices and your rights.