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Grazie Gifts 2021

Welcome to Grazie Gifts 2021! If there’s ever been a year worth splurging on yourself, friends, and family – this is it! We have updated our entire event this year to make it safer & healthier for everyone including you, our team members, and our shopping & shipping partners.

Grazie Gifts 2021 Assistance Center

If you have questions about the Grazie Gifts online event or need assistance, our staff will be happy to help you. Our assistance center is located near the Grazie Rewards desk adjacent to the High Limit Slots room in the Venetian casino.


  • Sun – Mon: 9am – 5pm
  • Tues – Sat: 11am – 5pm
  • Closed November 25 Thanksgiving Day


Step 1: Log In

You must use the Grazie Rewards website ( to access online shopping. Make sure you’re able to log in before you visit.


Step 2: Unlock The Shop

To experience Grazie Gifts this year you must still come on property during the event dates, November 20-28.

  • If you are staying at The Venetian on a Grazie Gifts offer, your shop will be automatically unlocked as soon as you check in. You will receive an email letting you know that the shop has been unlocked shortly after you check into the hotel.
  • If you are already a Grazie Rewards member with at least 5,000 Grazie Gifts points, your shop will be automatically unlocked as soon as you earn 1 more point during your trip. You will receive an email letting you know that the shop has been unlocked shortly after you begin your gaming session.
  • If you are not checking into The Venetian, please visit the Grazie Gifts 2021 Assistance Center located near the Grazie Rewards desk adjacent to the High Limit Slots room in the Venetian casino. We will request your Grazie Rewards card, a government-issued photo ID and email address to verify your identity and confirm that your account has been unlocked.

You will know that the Grazie Gifts online shop has been unlocked when you visit the dashboard of your Grazie Rewards online account. You will see the Grazie Gifts banner, and a link that says “Your shop has been unlocked” and “Shop Now.”

Step 3: Shop Online Anytime Anywhere

Once you’ve confirmed that your shop has been unlocked, you can shop online from any device (smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet). The shop will be online and available 24-hours a day from Saturday November 20 through December 3, 2021.

Our online shop works just like any other online shopping sites. You can browse for products you want, and add them to your cart. When you’re ready with your order, simply click Checkout to complete your transaction.

Please note – if you want to ship your items to multiple different addresses – please complete a new order for each different address. 

We encourage you to shop early to provide the best lead-time for your gifts to arrive before the holidays. If you have questions about the shop, policies, or products, please visit the Assistance Center at the Opaline Theater lobby.


FAQ’s About Grazie Gifts 2021

What are the hours for this year’s Grazie® Gifts Shopping Event?

The dates for the event will be Saturday November 20th to Sunday November 28th, 2021. Assistance Center hours are 11AM-5PM. Except Sunday Nov 21st, Monday Nov 22nd, and Sunday Nov 28th are 9AM-5PM. Closed on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 25th.

How are Grazie Gifts Points redeemed?

You may redeem your Grazie Gifts Points by shopping online after unlocking the Grazie Gifts shopping site by visiting The Venetian during the event dates. You must be present to unlock the shop, no exceptions. Once your shop is unlocked, you have until December 4 to complete your shopping online.

Do I have to use all of my Grazie Gifts Points on one purchase?

No, you can use all or some of your Grazie Gifts Points to redeem a reward. You may also earn more Grazie Gifts Points throughout the event period by playing your favorite slot games at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.  Members will also earn 2x Grazie Gifts Points during this year’s event dates.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most orders should arrive prior to December 24, 2021, except for those with a longer lead time. Each item’s expected delivery date range is published at the event, prior to ordering.

Can I ship to a business address or PO Box?

You may ship to a business address however PO Box addresses are not permitted for shipment.

How will my order be shipped?

Most items ship via standard ground service with a carrier such as UPS or FedEx. Larger items ship via common carrier and may require a delivery appointment.

Note: items consisting of multiple pieces, or orders containing multiple items may ship separately.

For certain items, a signature will be required upon delivery of your item in order to ensure receipt of the gift item.

Can I cancel or change an order once it is placed?

Once an order is placed, it can only be cancelled or changed within 48 hours of order placement but no later than November 28, 2021. Changes or cancellations after this time cannot be made.

Who should I contact if I have a specific question regarding my order?

You may contact our gift provider’s Customer Service Team at 1-833-568-6105 or Customer Service is available from 8am Pacific - 5pm Pacific, Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

Why is my telephone number requested?

Your telephone number is required to allow Grazie Gifts Shopping Event Customer Service to contact you should a question occur when processing your order.

Why is my email address requested?

Your email address is required so you can receive an order confirmation email. In addition, it is used as an alternative contact in the event you cannot be reached via telephone. At no time will your personal information, including your email address, be shared with any third parties.

Do I have to pay shipping, handling, and sales tax charges for items ordered?

Shipping, handling, and sales tax are already included in your Grazie Gifts Points.

What is the Returns/Exchange policy?

No product or reward returns, refunds or exchanges are provided by Grazie Gifts Shopping Event. All redemptions are final.

What if my item arrives Damaged or Defective?

Damaged Item Policy

Damage is defined as physical damage or marring to a box or item. Recipients are strongly encouraged to open, inspect and test products upon delivery. It is the recipient’s responsibility to report damage within 48 hours of delivery of order. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is not responsible for damaged merchandise.

Concealed damage must be reported to the customer service department within 48 hours of receipt of an order. All original packaging including over box and shipping label are needed to process a claim with UPS and freight carriers. It is imperative that both of the above two criteria are met in order to open a claim. UPS or freight carrier may either call tag the item to do an inspection or, at their determination, request that the customer simply throw the item away. Once the claim is approved by UPS or the freight carrier and the Grazie Gifts Shopping Event customer service team, a replacement item will be shipped. All replacement shipments will be for the same item (or a comparable item if a transition has occurred in the interim).

If the Grazie Gifts Shopping Event customer service department is contacted past 48 hours of item delivery, it will not be able to process a claim or a replacement shipment to the award recipient.

Defective Item Policy

It is the recipient’s responsibility to report defective merchandise within the required time period. Proper claim procedures must be followed for warranted items. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is not responsible for defective merchandise.

Merchandise may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Defective merchandise will be handled in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s warranty policy. Program participants may contact customer service department for assistance and direction on each manufacturer’s warranty process.

Program participants must contact customer service department within 72 hours of item delivery to report a defective item. The customer service team will issue a Return Authorization (RA) number if applicable to the defective item. If a Return Authorization is issued, the defective item will be picked up by UPS call tag, freight carrier, or other method. Upon receipt at the distribution center, and inspection, the customer service team will credit the first shipment in its entirety and re-ship the replacement item.

For items in which a call tag is issued, the item and all components (including all original manufacturing packaging, manuals, parts, accessories, and manufacturer’s original box) must be returned with the call tagged item. Customer service shall verify all of these materials are returned and if they do not come back at all, or do not come back in said manner and in resalable condition (save the defect), customer service shall not ship replacement item and will contact program participant for resolution.

All replacement shipments will be for the same item (or comparable if a transition has occurred in the interim).

The following items are not covered under this defect return policy:

  • Perishable items
  • Items that do not have a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Items that have in-home warranty service
  • Items that require service at a specialized distributor, such as jet skis, ATVs, pianos, cars
  • Items that cannot be returned via UPS, i.e. that were delivered by a freight carrier

The above stated items (or item classes) will be handled in a manner consistent with the manufacturer’s policy. Program participants may contact the customer service team for assistance and direction on each manufacturer’s warranty process.

What is the item lost in transit policy?

If an item has been reported lost in transit, customer service will open a claim. Lost in transit items must be reported by February 1, 2022. UPS and freight carriers will place a tracer on the package and conduct an investigation. Next steps will depend upon investigation status. The Venetian is not responsible and assumes no liability for lost in transit items.

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