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Celebrate Your Birthday the Right Way

Cue the Confetti

Cheers to a Day as Special as You

Birthdays are the one day a year you can claim as your own—and you know what? You deserve to celebrate just the way you want to. So, grab your friends and head out to Vegas. The Venetian Resort is prepped and ready to throw you the ultimate birthday bash. From luxurious suites, thrilling nightlife, and everything in between, it’s all conveniently under one roof and awaiting your arrival.

01 Enjoy the Chef’s Table Experience at Yardbird

Your birthday dinner can’t just be at a regular restaurant sitting at a regular table eating regular food. You deserve a special dining experience! So head to Yardbird and enjoy a chef-curated birthday meal in the private dining room. This is bound to be a birthday dinner you’ll never forget!

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02 Toast to your Birthday with a Custom Cocktail

Choose between Electra Cocktail Club, Rosina Cocktail Lounge, and The Dorsey Cocktail Bar to host your one-of-a-kind birthday celebration. Your bartender will create a “shareable” concoction for the whole group as well as a round of handcrafted cocktails customized just for you.

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03 Hit the casino floor (the guest of honor is always lucky)

Head to the tables for a round of Blackjack, or try your luck at Roulette. Whatever game you choose, you and your crew will feel the rush of excitement as you place your bets and stack up those chips.

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04 Celebrate in style in a suite

When you hit a big birthday milestone, you deserve a bigger party. Book our Birthday Celebration package and get the party started. It starts with round-trip limousine service to and from Harry Reid International Airport. Get settled quickly with a Grand King suite for two nights.* Wrap it up with a Champagne toast (bartender’s choice) at Rosina Cocktail Lounge.

*based on availability

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05 Glide into a new year on a gondola ride

If you’re someone who dreads the annual “Happy Birthday” sing-along, be prepared. We have talented people who can sing you the best birthday song you’ve ever heard. Step onto one of our beautiful gondolas for your birthday and hear something truly unique. Each gondolier is a trained vocalist. Every note they sing (in Italian) echoes off our frescos and ornate architecture. It’s something you’ll have to experience first-hand to appreciate. And it’ll be something you never forget.