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The Benefits of Spa Treatments

Relax your body and mind and step into Canyon Ranch®, one of the world’s most renowned spas. Embrace the opportunity to take some time for yourself. Plus, discover what’s best for you. At times, our minds are working overtime due to stress. Or your body may feel tired or tight from daily routines. Body and skin treatments are the perfect solution for that. The benefits can help you de-stress and improve your overall well-being. Leading you into a healthier, happier life. We have curated a list of the wonderful benefits of our body treatments at Canyon Ranch®.

01 Benefits of a Foot Massage

A lot of our stress and tension can start with our feet. Take advantage of the Sole Rejuvenation Foot Massage. This treatment is a dedicated foot massage that will melt away tension. Plus, relieve travel-weary, overworked feet. The benefits of foot massage can range from tension relief, improved blood circulation, boost energy levels and more. We could all use a little extra pep in our step, and what better way than a foot massage to help increase your energy level. Take your foot care to the next level and add on a peppermint foot scrub. This will help improve energy levels plus restore circulation. 

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02 Full body massage benefits

One of our newest treatments that we recommend is the tranquility massage. This promotes both restful and sounds sleep, as well as stimulating your circulatory system. The benefits of sound sleep allows your body and mind to recharge.  Healthy sleep helps the body remain healthy and for the brain to function properly. In addition, the benefits of massages can help reduce stress and increase relaxation. Plus, improving circulation, energy and alertness. The tranquility massage is an innovative treatment. Acting on three different sensory pathways for profound relaxation. Feel the synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, Tranquility Sound™, and relaxing massage modalities. All combined with the use of soft brushes to soothe the senses. You’ll be gently guided into a state of peace and tranquility that promotes sound sleep.

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04 Reflexology and its health benefits

What is reflexology? How does this benefit me? When it comes to reflexology, there is a whole-body benefit. Your therapist will work on reflex points that correlate to individual organs and parts of the body. By activating these reflexes, it helps improve circulation which can boost energy levels. Plus, it promotes relaxation which can help eliminate your body's toxins. 

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05 The benefits of a Facial

Taking care of our skin is more than just about our appearance. What happens below our skin affects the surface. When it comes to facials, these are not only relaxing but help renew skin and improves health under the skin. A purifying facial from Canyon Ranch will help do just that. Delight your senses while purifying and deep cleansing your skin. Powerful botanicals deliver potent, revitalizing benefits. It will help the skin perform at its best, while addressing breakouts, pore refinement and balancing oil production. Experience glowing skin that is clarified, hydrated and help improve your skin’s performance.

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06 Benefits of a healthy scalp

Not only are there health benefit for your body, skin, and mind, but there are benefits for healthy hair and scalp. When it comes to scalp treatments, their benefits help unclog hair follicles and release natural oils. Benefits even include stimulating blood flow in your head and neck. One of our recommendations is the Canyon Ranch hair and scalp treatment. This will help restore natural balance to your hair and scalp. Which will provide you with more manageable styling and ultimate shine. See and feel the benefits of a beautiful scalp and hair.

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