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A Spa Day for Two

Whether you are a couple or a pair of friends looking for the best way to relax, Canyon Ranch® is the perfect spot. With multiple options for couples to enjoy each other's company and do something together. Or, if you are a set of best friends to looking to take advantage of a spa day full of self-love and celebrations. With spa treatments, massages, packages, and more, we have exactly what the doctor ordered. Here is our curated list of couple treatments at Canyon Ranch®.

01 Birthday Celebration for Two

Celebrate your birthday (or any day) with this sweet-smelling massage. Enjoy a 50- or 80-minute massage, that leaves your skin incredibly soft. Not only will you get time to relax with your favorite person, but you both will reap the benefits of a relaxing massage. From relief of stress to promoting better sleep. The health benefits are endless for any celebration.

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02 Canyon Ranch Massage for Two

Our signature full-body massage helps stimulates circulation. Plus, it helps to soothe tight muscles, after a long day in Las Vegas. Our gifted therapist adapts eclectic techniques to your particular needs and preferences. Tension dissolves, leaving only comfort and well-being. One of the best ways to be together, is to relax together. Enjoy this massage together for 50, 80, or 100 minutes.

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03 Canyon Stone Massage for Two

Heated basalt stones provide full body relief. With the combination of select blends of essential oils. This is used to calm the senses, soothe muscle tension, or invigorate. You and your guest can experience the flow of these hot stones as your spa practitioner induces deep relaxation. Don't forget, your selected scent will provide you with additional healthy benefits during relaxation. Choose from calming Lavender, invigorating Ginger, or soothing Arnica. This massage can be enjoyed for 80 relaxing minutes. 

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04 Couples Retreat

Exclusively for couples is the Couples Retreat. For 100 relaxing minutes, you and your guest will experience sublime relaxation. Share an experience in our couple’s ritual room at Canyon Ranch spa + fitness in Las Vegas. The full treatment includes a scalp massage plus full-body exfoliation, a cleansing shower, and a luxurious scented bath for two. This full experience will be followed by full-body massage. 

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05 Deep Tissue Massage for Two

The deep tissue massage for two is a therapeutic treatment. It is recommended for those who regularly receive massage and who enjoy intense bodywork. Specialized, focused techniques with alpine arnica reach deep muscle layers. Plus, it addresses points of attachment, as well as the belly of the muscles. Enjoy this couples treatment for 50 or 80 relaxing minutes.

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06 Prenatal Massage for Two

A prenatal massage is a modified full body massage. Our classic Canyon Ranch massage is adapted to provide complete comfort and safety. Your therapist will use a refreshing blend of oils. These oils are formulated especially for pregnant women. The benefits of a prenatal massage are just what you both are looking for.  Benefits can include reduction of swelling and relief of lower back pain. It can help promote healthy sleep and so much more. Enjoy 50 or 80 minutes of pure relaxation together.

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07 Connect and Escape – A Couples Spa Experience

Escape and take time to connect with the one you love.

Enjoy the intimate side-by-side Canyon Ranch Custom 80-minute massages. Then make your together time complete with a $50 Food and Beverage credit so you can continue the day enjoying each other’s company over a relaxing lunch.

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