Take a spin on the latest game to hit the casino floor: GameBall.  This dice-spinning system is used in conjunction with the traditional game of Baccarat, known collectively as GameBall Baccarat. 12-sided numbered dice are used instead of the customary cards. These dice are enclosed in a spinning dome-covered wheel, known as the GameBall. 

Each die is spun in its individual GameBall until it comes to a rest in a random colored compartment of the wheel. There are six wheels per game, with three representing the player and three representing the banker. 

The object of GameBall Baccarat is to bet on a hand which totals closest to 9. An Ace result has a value of 1, numbers 2-9 are worth their face value, and Jack, Queen and King hold a value of 0. Additional side bets up the ante on fun.

GameBall is a registered patent used under license. Trademarks are also used under license.

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